Operation of the VR goggles

How do the VR goggles work?

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You will find all relevant information on how to operate the VR goggles on the back of the enclosed band with which the VR goggles are packaged. Further, you will get a short explanation after turning on the VR goggles (for this, put on the VR goggles and press the start button for 3 seconds). 

I normally wear glasses. Should I take them off?

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If you wear glasses, just leave your normal glasses on under the VR glasses. 

The view is not sharp. What can I do?

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If the view is not sharp, please move the VR glasses slightly up and down until your gaze is centered and the view becomes sharper. Also make sure that the goggles do not fog up due to your own breathing inside. You are also welcome to clean the lenses of the VR goggles with the included cleaning cloth. 

The VR goggles fit too loosely or too tightly on my head. What can I do?

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You can make the VR goggles tighter or wider using the straps on the sides. To do this, open the tabs of the two straps, put on the VR goggles, and pull on the two straps until the VR goggles fit comfortably. Then close the straps again. In addition, you can also detach the top strap if the VR goggles fit too tightly on your head. 

Do I need headphones for the VR experience?

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Yes, you will receive a set of headphones with your VR goggles.

How do I turn the VR goggles on and off?

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To turn on/off the VR goggles, please press the on/off button on the bottom of the VR goggles for 3-5 seconds each. Please put on the VR goggles to check whether the screen turns on or off. 

The battery of the VR goggles is empty. What to do now?

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The battery of the VR goggles is sufficient for 5 hours of use. When the battery of the VR goggles is empty, you can charge it using the included charger. While charging, please turn off the device (press the power button for 3-5 seconds and cover the inactivity sensor between the lenses). Once the small light turns green, the VR goggles are fully charged again.

Are the VR goggles safe to use?

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Our VR goggles are of course thoroughly cleaned and disinfected for each new order. 99.9 percent of all viruses, bacteria or other foreign bodies are eliminated. Furthermore, additional cleaning material for the VR glasses and their lenses is included in your delivery. 

Will I tolerate the use of the VR goggles well?

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In a few cases, the use of VR can lead to discomfort. If you feel the first signs of discomfort, remove the goggles. If you feel dizzy while flying or moving around, you can also just close your eyes and wait it out.

In case you suffer from any health conditions or limitations (e.g. epileptic seizures), the VR glasses should not be used. If you are unsure, please consult your doctor or pharmacist.


Children under the age of 13 should also only use the VR Goggles under the supervision of a parent or guardian.