Die Goldgräber

By Emanuel Geibel

"Sie waren gezogen über das Meer, nach Glück und Gold stand ihr Begehr."
("They had gone across the sea, for fortune and gold stood their desire." )

Follow the three companions on their way to a better life! With the belief of a better future, we can move mountains. Friendships forge strong bonds; a common goal allows us to overcome many depths. But what if something else comes up within us? The constant feeling of - I want more - or - I don't get enough - is not only stirring in the three gold diggers. You won't be able to escape the feeling of gold rush either! 


Attention! The path of these three companions leads through the common search not only to gold, but also into the shallows of their own souls and needs. 


Director: Monika Gerboc 

Dramaturgy: Dominique Suhr 

Set design: Agnieszka Wielewska 

Puppet construction: Alina Domin, Calum MacAskill 

Music: Daniel Špiner 

Puppeteers: Calum MacAskill, Agata Słowik, Hanna Daniszewska 

Die Goldgräber

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