Die Goldgräber

By Emanuel Geibel

"Sie waren gezogen über das Meer, nach Glück und Gold stand ihr Begehr."
("They had gone across the sea, for fortune and gold stood their desire." )

Follow the three companions on their way to a better life! With the belief of a better future, we can move mountains. Friendships forge strong bonds; a common goal allows us to overcome many depths. But what if something else comes up within us? The constant feeling of - I want more - or - I don't get enough - is not only stirring in the three gold diggers. You won't be able to escape the feeling of gold rush either! 


Attention! The path of these three companions leads through the common search not only to gold, but also into the shallows of their own souls and needs. 


Director: Monika Gerboc 

Dramaturgy: Dominique Suhr 

Set design: Agnieszka Wielewska 

Puppet construction: Alina Domin, Calum MacAskill 

Music: Daniel Špiner 

Puppeteers: Calum MacAskill, Agata Słowik, Hanna Daniszewska 


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Two gold diggers are sitting in a boat. The one in front holds on to the edge with oversized hands, the other holds a lantern

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Die Goldgräber

Shooting days

A gold digger sits on the ground, a small worm-like figure with a face sits on his arm and looks at him.
A gold digger sits on the ground. A blonde woman stands with her back to the camera. On the shirt is the logo of the theater
Gold diggers are sitting in the boat. A camera is in front of them. A person in a pink shirt looks to the gold diggers.
Two gold diggers are in the boat. The one in front is holding on to the railing, the one behind is holding a lantern.
A blonde woman looks at a paper in her hands, laughing. Her shirt is beige.
A blonde woman and a man with glasses and pink shirt, talk to each other behind the camera.
A woman in light blue shirt holds a fan and smiles.
The people on the right and left raise their arm and show their muscles, while the person in the middle gives a thumbs up.
A blonde woman stands on a pedestal, another with short dark hair stands in front of it. Next to them the camera.
Gold digger with small figure on his shoulder. Behind them several people in black morphsuits.
Actors in costume, without masks, smile into the camera. Greenscreen in the back.
Small face comes out of black sleeve and licks a thumb.
Small face comes out of black sleeve. It has big piercing blue eyes.
Gold miner in background in front of green screen. Film crew standing in front of it and filming.
Gold diggers sit on the floor, people in black morphsuits sit behind them.
Five people sit around a black table in black sweaters.
One person is taking a picture. In the background is the green screen.
Gold digger in boat, holding onto sides. The facial expression is frightened.
A gold digger sits in the boat, holding an oar.
A woman in light blue top stands in front of the camera and talks to the person behind.
A woman with short dark brown hair and light blue top, sits barefoot on the ground and writes in a planer.
Gold digger sits on the floor. Small snake-like figure sits on his right wrist.
Camera with flap.

Making of

Rehearsal days

Three gold miners stand on the riverbank and work. The one on the right holds a shovel aloft.
Three gold miners look into the camera and either cover their eyes, mouths or ears.
Three gold miners walk through the forest with shovels in their hands.
Three actors wear gold-digger masks in street clothes.
Small faces come out of black sleeves. They have blue, green or brown eyes.
Gold digger sits on the ground with small snake-like figure on his arm.
Gold digger opens his torso. Bones and ribs can be seen behind it.
Gold digger with open torso holds the eyes of the small figure in front of his mask.