What is Virtual Puppetry?

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Together with our cooperation partners, the Saxon start-up company VREDNEX and the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences Zwickau, we are developing a concept with future-oriented approaches that immersively brings the theater experience to the audience in an artificial world. We stage with 360° film technology, in 3D, with sonic space sound, in an interplay of analog-digital.

What is VR?

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Virtual Reality (VR for short) extends the real world by virtually created (= artificially generated) content. The heart of VR applications is the VR goggle. They are worn like a helmet with a visor and show computer-generated images on a display directly in front of the user's eyes.

Who is Virtual Puppetry for?

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Offer for private households

Experience puppet and figure theater in a new way - immersive, emotional, poetic and, above all, up close! Dive with us into an (su)real world. We rethink familiar theater with digital innovation. Your change of perspective will be put to a whole new test here. Order here.


Offer for schools in the Zwickau cultural region

Our theater pedagogues of the Puppet Theater Zwickau will bring the VR glasses on loan directly to your school upon request with an in-depth offer. School bookings can be ordered under the email address [email protected]. This offer can be booked in combination with the project day "The power of words: German ballads" at a reduced price.


Project day "The power of words: German ballads".

Website Puppentheater Zwickau


Offer for schools in German-speaking countries

The occasion for a very special teaching unit is offered by our VR production "Der Erlkönig". As a teacher, you can order an entire VR glasses contingent for your class at a reduced student price via our order service.


Book school package

Do I need my own VR glasses?

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No, you do not need your own VR glasses. These will be sent to you via DHL mail. If you already have your own VR glasses at home, you cannot currently use them with our content. Therefore, we will send you a loan product with all necessary components. If you live in the Zwickau area, we can also offer you a pair of rental glasses to pick up yourself at our puppet theater.

Do I need an internet connection?

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Our VR experiences can be experienced on our VR glasses regardless of your internet connection and its quality.

Why is 360° Virtual Puppetry not under the age of 13?

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Even the manufacturers of VR glasses are unable to assess the consequences and recommend use only for ages 13 and older. They also warn against "motion sickness" or kinetosis, in which other symptoms such as dizziness and headaches can occur in addition to nausea. Parents are responsible for their children. We do not assume any liability.

How do the prices come about?

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For our 360° Virtual Puppetry, new narrative forms were developed, so that the effort already in the staging implementation offered a completely new challenge. In addition, there is the technical equipment. We produced the 360° video in 4k resolution. The sound of the project is backed with spatial sound design. The technical name of the format is Ambisonics 2nd Order - we are working here with 10 audio channels in the video format to play the sound compared to stereo location specific. 

Perhaps also the note that the project is not a pure 360° video recording of a play, but was individually developed for an immersive virtual reality experience and supplemented with effects.