Der Erlkönig

By Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, since December 2021

"Wer reitet so spät durch Nacht und Wind?"

("Who rides so late through the night and wind?")


This ride becomes an emotional contest against time not only for the father with his son in Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's poem. You're right in the middle of it, too, and can feel the story with its intensity and despair up close with VR glasses. Feel free to look around in the world (virtual reality) of the Erlkönig, maybe you will escape him! 

Director: Monika Gerboc 

Dramaturgy: Dominique Suhr 

Set Design: Ewa Woźniak, Eva Farkašová, Rafał Budnik 

Puppet construction: Rafał Budnik 

Music: Daniel Špiner 

Puppeteers: Hanna Daniszewska, Laura Waltz, Calum MacAskill, Camillo Fischer and Martha Stöckner (as the Child) 

Voice of the Erlkönig: Błazej Modelski 


- VR glasses and a pair of headphones including VR experience: 21€.
- Roundtrip shipping to Germany, Austria: 13,98€.

Our class set: From 10 ordered glasses we offer a quantity discount - only 12,50€ per glasses.

Child lies in bed, head to the side. Behind is a mystical figure with wide spread bony wings.

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Picture Galery

Person with braided red beard and wavy hair looks sadly to the ground, behind it floats a mystical figure.
On the left stands a mystical figure in the form of a deer. On the right stands a child looking over at her.
Metal horse animated by puppeteers dressed in black.
Child looks at camera, mystical figure in shape of fish floats behind.
Child stands in focus, bony bird claws reach for his shoulders.
Father screams and holds lifeless child in his arms.

Making of

Rehearsal and shooting days

Puppet parts and other materials lie on a table. Next to it are tools and paper with text on them.
Rehearsal with the child and the bony wings, which are animated by puppeteers.
The camera films the mystical deer figure. The floor is covered with leaves.
Actor grimaces while someone is putting makeup on them.
People are sitting on the floor. They are engrossed in planning. In front of them is paper and next to them is the camera.
Blonde woman sits with her back to us and instructs the actors on stage.
Model of the 360° stage on which miniature trees are being glued.
Rehearsal of the mystical bird. The child sits with his back to the picture, a person instructs the action from the outside.
Two actresses pose with the child.
Rehearsal. The child stands in the center and mystical bony animal creatures buzz around him, animated by puppeteers.
A woman puts makeup on a puppeteer for a scene.
A person stands on a pedestal with the film camera and smiles into the picture.
Someone is putting makeup on the child.