German Ballads

Experience classical literature and contemporary puppet theater in a new way - immersive, emotional, poetic and above all up close - in a virtual reality! The poetry of the ballads lends itself perfectly to emotionally memorable images and leaves enough room for new trains of thought. Your change of perspective is put to a whole new test here, as we bring the Ballad to life in 3D and 360° around you. 


The pieces of the ballad series do not go longer than 20-30 minutes and are recommended for teenagers and adults from 13 years.


- VR glasses and a pair of headphones including VR experience: 21€.
- Roundtrip shipping to Germany, Austria: 13,98€.

Our class set: From 10 ordered glasses we offer a quantity discount - only 12,50€ per glasses.

A woman stands in a bird's nest with her wings spread wide and looks into the camera.

In case of problems with the order, write us your desired productions and whether you want to pick them up or have them sent, directly by mail.